Shrisha Techmo Plast

+91 97129 12416

12, Jalaram Industrial Estate, Near. Keval Kata, Rakhiyal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380023, India


Shrisha Technoplast is a leader in flexible modular conveyor belts for food and general conveying applications. With our
ongoing innovations and developments in designs, we offer a wider range of product support in conveying applications.
These belts are available in various constructions like solid top, perforated top, raised top, vacuum, molded hygienic
rubber top and different pitch modules and can be engineered to meet specific customer needs. Shrisha Technoplast
modular belts also come fitted with flights, side guards, tracking guides and for curve conveyor applications. The
advantages of using Shrisha Technoplast modular belts are easy installation, cleaning, maintenance, wide range to
expand belt width, precise positioning, more strength, long life, compact in line transfers, compact conveyor design.

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